Dubai Tram

The Dubai Tram (previously the Al Sufouh Tram) system was designed to be an integral part of the Dubai transport network. It runs in a loop around the Marina and JBR area and is integrated with the road network. It also links up with the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. The trams run frequently so you don’t have to wait long for the next one to come along. The system is a driver led tram and uses rails on the roadway as opposed to the Metro which has its own rail system and is driverless.

The current tram system is phase one and there have been further phases planned to expand the coverage of the tram network but these are yet to happen.

Dubai TramPlanning

After initially being planned for completion in 2009, when the first phase of the Dubai Metro was completed, it was delayed until 2012. Subsequently to this it was announced that the Dubai Tram System was being delayed by another 2 years and would be ready in 2014. These delays were due to the downturn in the global economic climate.

In 2013 Sheikh Mohammed officially unveiled the designs for the interiors of the trains and of the stations. At this point plans were made to up the tempo of the development of the Dubai Tram so that it would indeed be ready by 2014.

The tram testing was completed on schedule and the first phase of Dubai Tram was opened on 11 November 2014. On the opening day there was an inauguration ceremony. The tram was opened to the public at 6.30am on Wednesday 12th November.


Many of the RTA traffic projects for Dubai have been delayed in recent years due to the financial situation in the Emirates. It does seem that most of the projects will eventually be completed. This will most likely be once the residential areas are themselves completed and occupied. This means they can ensure full use of the Dubai trams and other forms of transport. There have also been delays due to the covid pandemic.

Operating Hours

The Dubai Tram runs for 19 hours a day from 6.00am until 1.00am Monday to Saturday and 9am until 1.00am on Sunday. The system is aimed at reducing the level of traffic that builds up along the roads around Dubai Marina and JBR. 

Further Development

The second phase of the Dubai Tram has been announced which will extend the track by 4km. It will also link the tram network with Mall of the Emirates. There is also a third phase of Dubai Tram planned. The Tram links up with the Dubai Metro and also the Palm Monorail – see the Map page for more information. There are still no dates for when these further phases will happen.

The Dubai Metro has been a great success since it opened, with millions of passengers in the last few years. Tens of thousands of residents are using the transport system for their daily commute. Likewise the tram has been a success, if a bit more limited. One reason is that the tram is seen as slow and also for some routes long. It is a really useful form of transport for the densely populated area around JBR and allows people to travel without needing cars, which is one of the main aims of the RTA.

There was a second route around the JBR loop but this is not currently operating. This previously means that you didn’t need to change to get to certain stations.

The good thing about the tram is that you can link to the Metro at the Marina and JLT stations so that you can continue your journey.


  • Sergio Aziz

    Dear sir/Madam
    i am an electrical engineer from Venezuela with 5 years of experience as a maintenance engineer in Caracas metro, looking forward to have your Email ID that i can send my CV to, hoping to have a work opportunity with your reputable firm.

    Sergio Aziz

    • admin

      Hi Dc, there is only one circular route for the tram – check out the map page. So at the Marina station you just need to be on the right platform for the direction you want to travel. Nearest SZR for going up towards the Palm and the other side for the JBR loop.

  • Umer

    I’m interested to become a tram driver.Can u help me to know where i Learn to drive a tram and who’s providing the Training

  • Dr Eng A Ali Heggo

    Well, I am glad to see project like this, I am willing to share with you as consultant for metro and tram systems. I headed Electrical department in Greater Cairo Metro Network GCMN (1994-2006).moreover .I published important book under title “ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IN MODERN METRO AND ELECTRIFIED TRAINS .700 pp”also many papers and articles related to this issue

  • Lyn

    It would be nice if theres specific timings of tram coming in the station. As it has a driver, you cant really determine the timings, sometimes it early 2 mins or sometimes late. And waiting time is ridiculously too long especially on rush hour. So if you missed the tram, you have to wait 11mins for the next one.

  • Ray

    Hi am travelling to dubai and my flight arrives at 4am at Dubai international airport on a Sunday morning . How much would a bus or taxi cost me to Kuwaiti Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai. Which would be cheaper bus or taxi please ?

  • Rakesh


    I am staying near by Al fahidi and i want to see atlantis hotel and palm, can i get metro or tram to reach there or only texi is going there?

  • Hilde

    We are going to Dubai in February 2017. We want to take the metro from the airport to our Hotel in Khalid Bin Walid Street Bur Dubai. Are we going to take the red line or the green line? What’s the name of the station nearest Khalid Bin Walid Street? We will be in Dubai for 4 days, what kind of NOL-card do you recommend for us?

    Thank you for your answer!

    • admin

      It really depends whereabouts your hotel is on that street as there are 2 metro stations, Burjuman and Al Fahidi. You would take the red line from the airport and you can see more details about the metro and the stations at It depends how often you are going to use the metro – you would probably be fine with a red Nol card by the sounds of things.

  • Kavipriya Raman

    Hello, could you let me know where exactly is the station located in AL sufouh and what are the timings when the tram is passing at this station during the morning.


    • admin

      It is located between Knowledge Village and Dubai College on Al Sufouh Road. Trams are frequent in the mornings and start at 6.30am.

    • admin

      Hi, we are waiting for confirmation from the RTA on operating hours for New Year for the Dubai tram but fully expect that, as happened last year, the tram will operate non-stop throughout the night of 31st December to the end of operating hours on 1st January.

  • Erin Cartier

    Good morning,
    We would like to ask a few questions about the tramway power system in your city, in the form of a test for our exam. We have to make calculations to have an experience the day of our oral presentation. This allows us to explain which power system uses the most energy. That is why we decided to contact you to know if you had the possibility to give us more precision about the intensity, tension, weight and the speed of your tramway.
    Hoping for a quick response from you, thanking you in advance.
    thank you for your understanding

    CARTIER Erin

  • Sandra

    Please share and help! We visited in the time from 23.11.2016 to 25.11.2016 DUBAI. And have lost our full SD card “QUMOX 2 GB” with our Holiday Pics.

    We have only one wish, to get this card. Please share this everywhere in Dubai, maybe someone recognize us.

    We visited Palm Islands und drived with the tram. In the Tram we changed the full SD card to the new SD Card.
    Please share this !!

    Hopefully greetings from Germany

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