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The Dubai Tram (previously the Al Sufouh Tram) system was designed to be an integral part of the Dubai transport network. It runs in a loop around the Marina and JBR area and is integrated with the road network. It also links up with the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. The trams run frequently so you don’t have to wait long for the next one to come along. The system is a driver led tram and uses rails on the roadway as opposed to the Metro which has its own rail system and is driverless.

The current tram system is phase one and there have been further phases planned to expand the coverage of the tram network but these are yet to happen.

Dubai TramPlanning

After initially being planned for completion in 2009, when the first phase of the Dubai Metro was completed, it was delayed until 2012. Subsequently to this it was announced that the Dubai Tram System was being delayed by another 2 years and would be ready in 2014. These delays were due to the downturn in the global economic climate.

In 2013 Sheikh Mohammed officially unveiled the designs for the interiors of the trains and of the stations. At this point plans were made to up the tempo of the development of the Dubai Tram so that it would indeed be ready by 2014.

The tram testing was completed on schedule and the first phase of Dubai Tram was opened on 11 November 2014. On the opening day there was an inauguration ceremony. The tram was opened to the public at 6.30am on Wednesday 12th November.


Many of the RTA traffic projects for Dubai have been delayed in recent years due to the financial situation in the Emirates. It does seem that most of the projects will eventually be completed. This will most likely be once the residential areas are themselves completed and occupied. This means they can ensure full use of the Dubai trams and other forms of transport. There have also been delays due to the covid pandemic.

Operating Hours

The Dubai Tram runs for 19 hours a day from 6.00am until 1.00am Monday to Saturday and 9am until 1.00am on Sunday. The system is aimed at reducing the level of traffic that builds up along the roads around Dubai Marina and JBR. 

Further Development

The second phase of the Dubai Tram has been announced which will extend the track by 4km. It will also link the tram network with Mall of the Emirates. There is also a third phase of Dubai Tram planned. The Tram links up with the Dubai Metro and also the Palm Monorail – see the Map page for more information. There are still no dates for when these further phases will happen.

The Dubai Metro has been a great success since it opened, with millions of passengers in the last few years. Tens of thousands of residents are using the transport system for their daily commute. Likewise the tram has been a success, if a bit more limited. One reason is that the tram is seen as slow and also for some routes long. It is a really useful form of transport for the densely populated area around JBR and allows people to travel without needing cars, which is one of the main aims of the RTA.

There was a second route around the JBR loop but this is not currently operating. This previously means that you didn’t need to change to get to certain stations.

The good thing about the tram is that you can link to the Metro at the Marina and JLT stations so that you can continue your journey.


  • Kaye Raymundo

    Hi Please can you help me how to reach ti Pet Mart in Dubai Media City from either Nakheel metro or Dubai Marina Metro station.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • admin

      As this is the Tram site I would say Palm Gateway tram station looks closest 🙂
      I would give them a call to ask the best way to be honest.

      • Kaye Raymundo

        Thank you for the reply. So which metro is the closest to Palm Gateway tram station to be able to reach to Pet Mart at Concord Tower.

        Thank You.

  • nakiyah

    i am doing a project where i need to find out how much revenue (sales) does dubai tram make, and estimated one would also work please answer this question asap as i need it for school

  • Scott


    i am looking to live in Tiara Residence on the palm and commute to work in the marina. What is the easiest commuting route with monorail/tram etc.



  • Elmira

    Hi, We are going to stay at Al Habtoor Grand hotel in jumeirah beach residence. Can we get to the JBR1 station by walking ?

  • Shan


    If I am staying at Murjan 6, can i cross and wait for the travel to take it in the opposite direction to get to Dubai Marina metro quickly? Or does the Tram not circle back and only goes in one direction.

  • Xerus

    Je suis conducteur de tramway en France depuis plus de 10 ans, et je souhaite postuler, mais je trouve pas les coordonnées de la société.

  • Stephen Wilson

    Dear Admin,
    I would like to conduct a round trip tour on the tram for our guest are there any ristrictions? Note i will purchase the tickets as nomaly required for the guest use. The tour will be free for the guest. We are trying to promote the use of the tram while staying in our hotel. Please i need a contact person for more information.

    • admin

      You just need to be careful on checking in and out with your tickets because you can’t check in and out at the same station or you will be charged the full fare – so it might be worth getting off somewhere and getting back on again. But call the RTA for more info on 800 9090.

  • James Toribio


    We will be staying in Dubai at Suha Hotel Apartments from February 11 until 18, 2016. I have some queries regarding tram usage:

    1. Are we allowed to carry luggage in the tram?
    2. How many minutes it usually takes from JBR1 to Jumeirah Lake Towers?
    3. Is the al sufouh station near already to Burj Al Arab and Souk Madinat? How many kilometers or minutes?

    Thank you.

    • admin

      1. Yes you can carry luggage on the tram as long as it is not excessively bulky
      2. Not very long, I would say less than 10 minutes.
      3. I would say they are about 4-5 km from the Al Sufouh tram station.


    Dear Admin,

    Good day , I have company for rope access external cleaning. WE have contract for facades cleaning for Tamani hotel and it is required to get NOC from Tram management. Kindly assist me how to get in touch with tram management. Any contact number to call or any person to be contacted.

    Looking forward for your kind assistance and support.

    Thank you.

      • Vinayak Jain

        So i love dubai tram it has 7 coaches and a white and black very beautiful colour. I have gone to dubai metro the company is same Rta and very beautiful company beautiful then ever.The station burj al arab is 7 star hotel.Dubai and Abu Dhabi are best city i United Arab Emirates novotel is in citys.I love Dubai And Abu Dhabi But i am in new zealand wellington 6011.
        Best Rewards
        Vinayak Jain

  • Kajan


    We get tram between jumaira Palm beach and al safaya (which is the last station for the tram) about 15 ocklock 18/9. Our dougter take hers shoes off ( it is a pair of sandals, pink one and the name of shoes is kavat) we forgott it in the tram. Tonight we fly back to Europe I hope if you found it send it to us. Me and my hasbound were there to almost every tram station and they didnot find it. Our address in Sweden is;

    I hope you found it because our doughter like this shoes so much and it cost us about 600 dirham.

    Best regards
    Kajan Shaker

    • admin

      Hi, I’m sorry but we don’t actually run the tram – you will need to contact the RTA to see if they have it but I guess if you have asked at the tram stations you may be out of luck, sorry. (I have removed your address for security)

  • Kate watson

    Yesterday I entered the team station and tagged my card. The tram then broke down so I had to leave and get a taxi. 3aed wasted. I just topped up my Nol card at Palm jumeriah team station. The first time it said my card was declined but the money has still come out of my bank account. 53aed down now. I now have to travel all the way to a metro station in the opposite direction to claim all of that back. Really????? Bad form tram. Very bad form.

  • Bibin Thomas

    As a graduated in and specialized in electronics and communication engineering ,how could I join dubai tram with this educational background.

  • Sattar

    Thanks admin for your reply. Yes it was horrible but one thing which had made me little comfortable that the TRAM would not run until doors are not fully closed (Said by You not from Technical Department need to be confirmed) but it must be confirmed from Technical Department what can be the Precautions if such kind of incidents happen?
    Yes admin you are right every one should follow the Procedures but we are human and will make mistakes that’s why there is always a SAFETY DEPARTMENT..but when such kind of incidents happen there should be SAFETY MEASURES. Please confirm me that stuck in between doors will not lead to death of a person otherwise this is alarming. Please must consult with Engineering Department and also Safety Department what they are doing. There should be threshold Frequency of Doors.

    It was about 11pm when this incident happened i directly talked to the Alstom guy he referred me to the security guy. Security Guy replied ” This is TRAM and it happens” i was surprised to listen that if it is so then TRAM is playing with the Life of people.
    Then i decided to contact you may be i get some answer. Please discuss this with Technical Department and reply me Technically that
    1. What is Door closing Force in Newton? can it kill a person?
    2. Tram will not Run if someone stuck in the Door

  • Sattar

    Could you please explain if someone stuck in between door while the doors are closing. what can be the consequences as the door would not stopped and it was a killing scene what i have seen last night the person was forcefully pulled out otherwise he was dead as the door did not stopped. This is really a very serious concern of safety . The door should stop otherwise its killing. Please reply and explain what will happen if someone stuck in between doors when the Doors are closing. Is there any Safety system how Tram will save a life if someone stuck in between closing doors??? Please explain as i did not slept all the night when i remember the scene. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Sattar, that sounds like a horrible scene you witnessed. Did you report it to the RTA or did one of the tram employees help at all? I don’t know the exact mechanism of the doors but it is firstly important that people do not try and enter or exit the trams while the doors are closing. I have witnessed in other countries people getting stuck and they do need to be pulled out. The doors will stop but won’t open easily. The tram will not continue if the doors are not closed though.

  • Sally


    can you please pass the contact details to marketing and communication dept. I want to advertise on the Dubai Tram and in the stations


  • Erika Halsey


    My company is hosting a transport training course in Dubai 26-30 April. The 25 delegates have expressed interest in learning more about the Dubai Tram and I was wondering if you know if RTA could arrange a workshop about/tour of the tram system.

    Any help and or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

    Erika Halsey

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