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Dubai Tram FAQs – Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Dubai Tram system:

What Hours Does The Tram Run For?
The tram runs from 6.00am until 1.00am Monday to Saturday and 9am until 1.00am on Sundays (effective 3rd January 2022).

How long does a trip take?
It takes around 40 minutes from one end to the other (i.e. from Dubai Marina to Al Sufouh).

Do I have to tap out when changing for the metro?

Yes you must tap out when leaving the tram and going to the metro otherwise you will not be able to get through the ticket barriers at the metro station. You will not be charged for a separate journey as long as you change within the 30 minutes limit.

Where can I buy tickets for the tram?

There are ticket machines in the tram stations if you do not already have a Nol card. You can buy Nol cards and top ups so that you are able to travel. Payment is by card or cash but the machines do not give change for cash.

How Many Passengers Does Each Tram Carry?
Each tram can carry 405 passengers and there are spaces for luggage and wheelchairs.

What is the Cost for Children?
Children under 5 travel for free. Children over 5 will need their own Nol card. Students can get a 50% discount if they apply for a Blue Nol Card.

How Can I Get a Job on the Dubai Tram?

You will need to contact the RTA in order to apply for a job on Dubai Tram.  I will no longer be replying to posts requesting a job!

How Much Distance Does Dubai Tram Cover?
It covers 10.6km for the first stage.

How Frequent Are the Trams?
The trams run approximately every 8 minutes. You can see when the next tram is due by checking in monitors in the tram stations.

Which Other Public Transport Does the Tram Link With?
The Tram links up with the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail – see the Map for more information.

How Much Do the Tickets Cost for Dubai Tram?
The cost of Dubai Tram tickets is based on the same structure as for Dubai Metro, i.e. it uses the system of Zones. As the initial phase of Dubai Tram is only in one zone the tickets cost only a few dirhams (exact amounts depend on how far you travel, which class and what kind of Nol card you have) see the page on tickets for more info.

Is there wheelchair access to the Tram?
Yes the tram is wheelchair accessible and there is a special carriage that has specific space for a wheelchair with a built in seat belt. There are lifts at every entrance and exit.

Dubai Tram Wheelchair Space
Dubai Tram Wheelchair Space



  • Ali

    Could you tell me going from station Dubai Marina to Palm Monorail how much it costs and which fare I should consider?
    It is so difficult to calculate the fee according to the zone because I do not know which stations are in every zone.

    • admin

      Hi, if you are looking to advertise on the Tram then you need to contact the RTA. If you are looking to advertise on this website then let me know and I will send you an email.

  • Steve S.

    I’m in Dubai as I type for a media tour of the tramway. Let me know if you are interested in speaking with me about the tram and your observations so far.

    Best regards,

  • Kevin.

    Having just finished my third monthly trip to the UAE during 2014/15, I would just like to say how well the public transport system works in Dubai. Although there are some areas that are not yet linked in (Motor city etc) these are planned to be included as the Metro system expands.
    I have found that for tourists like me, a daily All Zones Noel card is the best bet. This will cover you for all stations on the Metro (Red & Green lines) Plus all bus routes, and the new tram route. If you combine this with a two day pass on the big bus tours which operate three distinctive routes throughout the city, you will find you can visit most parts of Dubai. There are of course some you will still need a taxi to get to, but these are available in huge numbers throughout the city and are priced very reasonably with an average fare somewhere between £5.00 and £10.00. Whatever you do Avoid the rush hour traffic. Good travel areas to base yourself whilst visiting, “Mall of the Emirates” “Dubai Mall” and “Dera City”.
    For the future, you can look forward to a heavy rail system which will link all the Emirates together. As I understand it this will be initially running along the coast from Abu Dhabi as for as Ras Al Kheimah, but not much news on this yet, a long term project I imagine. I hope this is of some help, if you are new to the UAE.
    Kevin Dickinson.

  • divyesh

    i am living in Abudhabi, now a days my relative came to my home on tourist visa, we want to visit Dubai and want to travel by Dubai tram but we dont have the NOL cards , so how can we travel ? can we purchse tickets by cash ?

    • admin

      Hi Jane, I have no information as yet on the hours for NYE, but often the hours are extended on the Metro so this may well be the case for the Tram (and I think it likely)

  • noha

    Hi, I am visiting Dubai in December 1. Could you please provide me with the tram map?
    As I am planning to explore Dubai by metro, could you please tell me what are the advantages to take the tram? Best Regards

    • admin

      Did you see the tram map page?
      The tram is to help ease traffic in the JBR and Marina area so if you want to go to that area then it’s best to use the tram. You can of course also use the Metro to access those areas.

  • Peter

    Is there any view on the bike-access to reach the tram stops and/or bike lanes along the tram-way? You can read hints of it in several online sources, but real information is missing.

    Also (car) park&ride facilities are mentioned, but I do not see where they are being constructed?

    • admin

      Hi Peter, I don’t know about the bike access I’m afraid.
      I would think with regard to park and ride they will use the Metro facilities for now. I doubt that there is space in the Marina/JBR area for any large car parks near the tram. There is a car park at Palm Gateway that can be used and usually has a lot of space.

    • admin

      Hi Abdul. As the tram stations are in built up areas I don’t think there is any extra car parking. However there is a large car park at Palm Gateway that might be useful.

  • Khurram Qureshi

    Is there any plan to extend the route to dubailand as there is no public transport available for motorcity, studiocity & remraam community?

    • admin

      I don’t believe there are plans to extend the Tram that far but there are definitely plans to extend the Dubai metro further out.

  • zah


    where exactly will the tram station be in marina towers. Close to which buildings please. Is the tram bi directional or is it more of one way circular loop?

    thakn you

    • admin

      The station is near Al Mass and AL Murjan towers. I believe it is bidirectional but with the loop in place around the marina once it gets in there, there may be a different system for stations 1 to 4, I will need to get confirmation of this once the trams start running.

  • Fer

    Hi, will the tram be working on Fridays (full days). Fridays are usually the day off for many workers, including the maids/nannies. Thanks and regards

    • admin

      Yes, it looks like the tram will definitely be running for a full day on Fridays, from 5am until 1am. They will not be quite as frequent as the trams that run Saturday to Thursday but will be no more than 10 minutes apart.

  • Suzan

    Hi, pls could u advise when the night work on the tram will be finalised/stopped?It is real nightmare to wake up every night cause of the noise…workers seem to clean the area specially at night time and it is seriously impossible to sleep! Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Suzan. Until the tram opens on 11th November there will be a lot of work ongoing so unfortunately I fear you may have to wait a couple more months.

      • Mike

        Regarding the station in JBR 2, will it be accessible from both side of the road? Or will we have to go to the next traffic light and come back to enter from the other side of the lane? Thanks

        • admin

          They usually make the stations accessible from both sides of the road but I haven’t been down to see this one recently so am not sure if someone else can answer this for certain.

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