Dubai Tram Map

With Dubai Tram opening in November 2014, the first phase of the project covered 11 stations. The detailed RTA route map is shown further down below but here is a simplified version of the Dubai Tram map so that you can easily see the Dubai Tram stations that are operational and the directions that the trams will travel around the system.

Dubai Tram Route and Station Map

As of now there is just one route as shown below with 11 stations. There is one circular route that runs from Al Sufouh, round to JBR after passing through Dubai Marina and then back around past JLT and the Marina to end up back at Al Sufouh. There have been plans for a number of years to extend the tram but this has still not happened. It only takes a few minutes to get to each station.

Dubai Tram Map 2023

The tram goes in one direction around the JBR area, as the small loop route was discontinued due to under use a while ago.

So, for example, if you want to get from Dubai Marina Mall to JBR then you need to change at Dubai Marina.

When you catch the tram from the Al Sufouh end the signs may say that the tram goes to Jumeirah Lakes Towers, but it does not just stop there, it keeps going on around the whole route and returns to Al Sufouh.

The Dubai Tram route means that the trams themselves can travel in a complete loop from the Al Sufouh depot and back again so if you stay on them that is where you will end up!

As you can see from the Dubai Tram map, you can interchange with the Dubai Metro at Dubai Marina (for Sobha Realty station) and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (for DMCC station) and also with the Palm Monorail at Palm Jumeirah station. There is a short walk that also involves a lift to get from the tram to the metro/monorail.

Dubai Tram RTA Map
Al Sufouh Tram Route Map

Above is the RTA route map for the Dubai Tram project. As you can see the tramway runs through Jumeirah Beach Residence for about one kilometre and has two stations in that area.

Location of the Route

The route goes from Al Sufouh and heads up to the elevated section that runs along the Sheikh Zayed Road side of the Dubai Marina section. The tram route here is an add on to the road that runs along the back of the marina and there are 3 stations along this part of the route. Two of those stations link up with the Dubai Metro at the Dubai Marina station and the Jumeirah Lake Towers station.

There are 6 further stations that run from the marina along Al Sufouh Road just past Knowledge Village and this is where the first phase of the Al Sufouh Tram route stops. There is then a depot in Al Sufouh. Station 9 links up with the Palm Monorail at the foot of the Palm Jumeirah. This is  good news for the Palm Monorail particularly as it may mean that more people are able to commute using public transport from the Palm (although the price of Palm Monorail tickets will likely have to come down at this point to make it feasible as a commuting option and this doesn’t seem likely to happen at any time in the near future).

Phase two of the Dubai Tram will also link up with the Dubai Metro station at Mall of the Emirates but there is no information currently as to when this will happen.


  • karim

    I can see the trams moving between Al-Sufouh station and the depot. When this line will be opened for the public as I live in between? Thank you

    • admin

      Hi, the next phase of Dubai Tram has been on the cards for a number of years but there is still no set date for when it might be completed I’m afraid.

  • Jean-Luc Choufani

    There should be an application which tells users what time exactly any tram arrives at whichever station, would make things easier.

    • admin

      Hi Nico, no, as we understand it Phase 2 is currently on hold, possibly to prioritise work that needs to be completed for Expo 2020, so there doesn’t seem to be any set date for construction to start.

  • Antoniaxo

    Hello, I want to take the tram from Dubai Marina to Jumeirah beach residence. Is this possible or do I have to get off at Al Sufouh?



    We are 8 adults and 2 children will be coming to Dubai.. planning to stay in burj residence down town . Can you suggest us as we want travel in metro and tramp for one day to roam around .. which plan is good and how we can manage it . Or just rent one van would be economy.. please advise

    • admin

      Hi, you would probably be best talking to a travel agent as I am afraid we do not offer personal travel advice. Enjoy your stay in Dubai.

  • syed


    As a tourist if i want to take tram from start to end station which is operational from where to where i should take

    thanks in anticipation

    • admin

      Hi Syed, the tram essentially runs in a loop starting and ending at Al Sufouh but you need to beware that you will probably be charged the maximum fare if you just do a whole loop on it so it is probably best that you get on somewhere, get off somewhere else and then come back again, ensuring you check in and out at each station.

  • Piks

    If I start from Mina Seyahi Tram station and get down at JLT or JBR1 (just to walk around) and again use Tram to go back to Mina Seyahi then how will I be charged? (I will be using standard Nol card)

  • Imran


    I get the tram Sunday – Thursday from JBR1 to Duabi Media City.
    I use a PAYG Gold Nol (12 AED a day) and was wondering if there was a weekly or monthly option and how much it would be?

  • Kanouté Mohamed

    hello just for information how can I apply for this company I am French with a train driver’s license ?

  • Sara

    If I get down at jumiera lake towers metro station, I believe there is a team there but will it take me to or near OneJLT building?
    Because not sure I can find taxi easily there.

    • admin

      Neither the metro nor the tram go as far as the Madinat so your best bet might be to go to the end of the line of the tram and then get either the number 8 or 88 bus.

  • Ash

    We are travelling to Dubai for a few days and will stay at Double Tree by Hilton which shows on website closer to JBR 2 tram. I am wondering would we be able to travel to the city centre i.e. Bur Dubai, Deira etc. either through connection(s) or direct from this tram stop?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Andres


    I’d like to know if the Mina Seyahi tram station is opened and can be used during the week.

    I’m about to move to Duabi and I’ll be working in the Shatha Tower (Dubai Media City). Mina Seyahi station seems to be the closer public transport station to the office.

    Which areas would you recommend me to rent an appartment in? I’d like to be able to take only Metro or Tram.


    • admin

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes all tram stations are open. As Shatha Tower is also close to Nakheel Metro station you could choose many places that are within walking distance of a metro or tram station.

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