The Dubai Tram tickets are the same that are available for the Dubai Metro. The price that you pay depends on how many zones you travel through. However, all of the tram stations in phase one are in the same zone (zone 2) so if you just make one journey on the tram, however far, you will only be charged 3 dirhams (if you are using a silver Nol card).

You can use your Nol card to pay for Dubai Tram tickets and other methods of public transport in Dubai like the bus and the Metro.

Children under 5 travel for free, otherwise they need to buy a Nol card and pay the fares below.

If you don’t have a Nol card you can get hold of one at any of the tram or Metro stations, bus stations or RTA offices and also at many other locations including supermarkets. Nol card is the only way to pay for travel.

There aren’t ticket offices at the tram stations, just ticket machines which tend to require the correct change if you are using cash. There are people to help at the tram stations though.

Dubai tram ticket machine
There are ticket machines at each of the stations and someone to help with purchases.

The price that you pay covers travel on the tram, metro and bus so you can travel on all of these and it just depends on how many zones you travel through.

Dubai Tram Ticket Prices

The prices for single trip travel are as follows (these are the prices from 11 November 2014):

Ticket Type 1 Zone or <3km 2 zones 2 Zones 3+ Zones
Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams 6 dirhams 8.50 dirhams
Pre-paid Standard Adult Ticket (Silver Nol) 3 dirhams 5 dirhams 7.50 dirhams
Concessionary (Blue Nol Card) 1.50 dirhams 2.50 dirhams 3.75 dirhams
Gold Class (Red Ticket) 8 dirhams 12 dirhams 17 dirhams
Gold Class Pre-Paid 6 dirhams 10 dirhams 15 dirhams

Pre-paid ticket prices are those for silver or gold card holders, standard prices are for red Nol card holders.

Season Tickets

You can buy season tickets for various time durations or use on the tram, bus and metro and the prices are as follows:

Ticket Type 1 Zone 2 Zones All Zones
Annual Silver Class 1,060 dirhams 1,770 dirhams 2,670 dirhams
Quarterly Silver Class 330 dirhams 550 dirhams 830 dirhams
Monthly Silver Class 140 dirhams 230 dirhams 350 dirhams
Weekly Silver Class 50 dirhams 80 dirhams 110 dirhams
Daily Silver Class     20 dirhams
Annual Gold Class 2,120 dirhams 3,540 dirhams 5,340 dirhams
Quarterly Gold Class 660 dirhams 1,100 dirhams 1,660 dirhams
Monthly Gold Class 280 dirhams 460 dirhams 700 dirhams
Weekly Gold Class 100 dirhams 160 dirhams 220 dirhams
Daily Gold Class     40 dirhams
Dubai Tram TicketsValidate Your Nol Card

You must remember to validate your Nol card by tapping it on one of the ticket readers. You need to tap in both on the way in and the way out – otherwise you will be charged the maximum price for a trip or you could be fined if you do not tap it at all. The Nol readers are in all of the stations and there are plenty of them so don’t forget!

The Nol card reader will automatically deduct the correct amount for the fare from your Nol card.


  • Mark

    Coming to Dubai for 4 days with family.
    We will stay in Marina Area, so to use Metro we need Tram first.
    So I thought buying a red card with daily pass (4 days 4x 20AED) would be ok.

    But now I read on their webpage:
    Currently, this ticket can only be used on one mode of transport at a time (e.g. on Metro only, Bus only).

    Can I not use red card filled with daily pass for all transports?
    What is my option? we want to go to tram and then to metro and probably a water bus ….. (all of those say NOI card needed for transport)


  • Sudarsanam S

    I will be staying for 4 days as tourist and would like to travel inside dubai with my family ( Total three members) i Intend to go with Metro Tram & Bus

    One person suggest take a red ticket and top up with 20 DH per day pass for 3 days
    Other person says take a silver NOL card and use the same

    My question :

    Can i use red ticket across three transport ??
    Is it unlimited trip for the day ??
    What is the difference between red ticket and Silver card ??
    What makes the difference for the visitor and how to choose the best one ??

    • admin

      Yes if you buy the one day ticket it is valid for unlimited travel on all 3 modes of transport. You can put the one day ticket on a red ticket or a silver ticket. If you are just going to buy the one day ticket for 3 days then you might as well buy a red ticket as it is cheaper. You can check this article for more info.

    • admin

      Hi, children under 5 travel for free (see FAQs page) but others need a standard ticket. I will also add this info above, thanks.

  • Ruth Gray

    Hi admin, Last week we tried to use the tram while on holiday, but the machine took our money and did not give us any tickets, receipt or a refund slip. The station attendant Aicham Azralda and his colleague were useless, incompetent and rude, and even though I spoke to the call centre supervisor ” Carole” and Salma Barakac, no one gave us any help. We were promised a refund within 24hrs but still nothing – not even an email. Our complaint ref is 1452368. The machine No. was RTA 484870. Even the 2 Policemen who were called to assist were useless They were PC 23118 and 32085. We wasted 2 hours of our time trying to travel and got such a terrible service and no travel. What do we do now. Everyone just fell back on the old excuse of there is “a process to follow” – well the process doesn’t work, and the staff are in serious need of customer service training. Terrible system, terrible customer service.

    • admin

      The RTA state the that red ticket can only be used for one type of transport at a time so if you are making journeys using tram and metro then you would be better off with a silver nol card which is also available to tourists.

  • Ankit Sharma

    I accidentally checked in again at Al Sufouh station after checking out from my trip. What can I do now? Do I need to pay fine?

    • admin

      You will probably get charged for a full trip (7.50 dirhams) if you don’t check out anywhere, but you could contact the RTA and see if they will reverse the charge.

  • Sajjad ali

    Hi admin I am coming to Dubai next week for a week. Does the tram take you to legoland and other attractions.the cost of using the trams all week for 7 people and what would you recommend.

  • Ramsha

    Hi, I am shifting to dubai for my masters. I plan to live in marina (marina pennicle) and my university is located in knowledge village (Middlesex University). From what I understand the tram suits me the most (station 6- station 10). Kindly let me know which card to purchase and how to it works.

    • admin

      It really depends on how often you are going to be using it and also if you are going to be using the Metro to go further afield. If you are using it frequently you may want to get a weekly or monthly card but you will need to register with the RTA for a Blue Nol card to be able to purchase one of those.

    • admin

      Each person would need to get their own ticket. If you will be doing a lot of trips in those 5 hours it would probably be best for each person to get a day ticket at a cost of 20 dirhams each.

  • Hebele


    Let me ask sth. I’m needy use this tram dubai marina to jumeirah lake towers. By the way I was looking for monthly option. Which one is better? and one more thing, when I get monthly card, Can I use how many times each day? Thanks a lot

    • admin

      Which one is better out of what and what?! You will need a blue Nol card to get a monthly pass but once you have one you can use it as many times as you like in a day. If you are just going to use the tram then you can get a 1 zone monthly pass which is 140 dirhams but if you are going to travel further and use the bus or metro you may want to cover more zones.

  • Nadine

    Hello Admin,

    we will stay in Dubai in June for a week and plan to buy the Nol silver card and top it up with a two zone week pass (80 AED). For this I want to know if I can top it up at the ticket machine and will the credit of 19 AED (which is already on the silver card) will be automatically deducted so that I will pay 61 AED in total for the week pass.

    Hope you got my meaning.

    Best regards from Germany

    • admin

      Unfortunately you can only get the weekly pass on a Blue Nol card which needs to be applied for and for which you need an Emirates Identity card. You may therefore wish to get a daily pass which can be bought on a red ticket by anybody.

  • Ana

    I will be travelling in two weeks and I am interested in a dayly ticket (20 dirhams).
    Maybe a weekly ticket (110 dirhams), I am checking how often I will use the public transport.
    As I will arrive at the airport, where and how can I get this dayly ticket?
    How do these tickets work? I mean: If I use the transport a lot, once I have reached the 20dirhams in a day, after that when I take a transport, the travel is free?
    Thanks for any clarification.

    • admin

      You can get the daily card at the Metro station at the airport. It is valid all day for however many times you travel.

      • Ana

        Thanks for the reply.

        And how should I do the top up of the silver card if I want to use it for a dayly pass?
        Is there an option to select “dayly pass” in the machine?
        Do I have to charge it with 20 dírhams?

          • Ana

            I was in a mistake then, as above in this Page it is stated 20 dirhams for a silver dayly pass so I undestood silver nol card for the pass.
            Thans for clarifying.
            Is the dayly pass with the red nol card valid for metro, tram, bus and ferry?

          • admin

            Ah yes sorry that is confusing as it refers to silver or gold class tickets!
            It covers metro, tram and bus but not ferry.

  • Malik

    Hello Admin, I Am Planning to visit dubai for 2 days with my wife and infant, i am planning to buy Gold Nol Daily pass, just wanted to know that myself and wife need separate Nol cards or just one card is enough? also with the gold Daily pass i can use all zones unlimited times or what is the scenario? am planning to use metro for my whole stay going to Dubai mall, mall of emirates, bur dubai, marina, Jumera beach Etc. Need your kind assistance.


  • Doug Millar

    The Metro System here is very well done. One access card. One fee (about $2.50CDN.) Reloadable. Available anywhere there is transit. Really inexpensive. Genius! On the way in it debits your card the full amount for travel through all zones. I believe thats about 14 AED. On the way out it credits you back what you didn”t use. My trip from the burbs to near Emirates mall is 5 AED.

    Travellers, you can’t go wrong with this. While taxis are plentiful and inexpensive, traffic here can be a nightmare. Take the metro as far as you can.

    I have yet to take a bus but I’ll let you know.

  • Luke Stewart

    I am coming to dubai with my friend at the end of June this year and looking to know what the best option is for us regarding tickets/passes. We will be there for 7 days.

    • admin

      Hi Luke, it really depends on how often you intend to use public transport. You can buy a weekly ticket for 110 dirhams which will cover you for as many trips as you like in that period on the metro, tram, bus and water bus so you will need to weigh that up against how many trips you might make each day as to whether it is worthwhile.

  • Bob


    I will be visiting Dubai in January next year,and was wondering if the all day pass I.e the 20 AED ticket also applies to the tram system.Also,do you have an idea of which is the closest tram from Royal Club Palm Jumeirah,will I have to take a taxi from there?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nosh

    Hi there,
    Just wanted clarification on checking in/out when using the NoL card. So say we are going To the mall of emirates, we tap in at media city, Change at dubai marina, get the mtro to the MoE, when do we check in/out? I’ve read the previous comments and it says only when you reach thr final destination. What if we check in/out for tram and then metro. Do you getcharged twice?
    Also i do my local grocery shop at the carrefour by. Mina seyahi. Does it charge me twice for coming and going or just 3dhs if you stay within the same zome?

    • admin

      Yes you need to tap in and out each time you change. As long as you change within 30 minutes you will only be charged for one trip. If you are going to and from one place then yes you will be charged for 2 trips.

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