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RTA Publishes Fines for Red Lights at Tram Stops

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Matkoum has issued a decree advising which authorities are responsible for the various different operations of the Dubai Tram. This decree also gives details of the various fines that will be issued if anyone crosses a red light intersection with the tramway – whether they cause an accident or injury or not.

Fines and driving bans vary from 2,000 dirhams to 30,000 dirhams and range from 30 days to one year. Further details can be found at Emirates 24/7.

The message that is being sent seems to be clear – do not cross a read light on the Dubai Tramway! The whole public transport system is put in place to let traffic flow more freely and blocking the tramways will be a great hindrance to getting this to happen.


  • kai

    where to complain about the construction company Besix with ther tousand of workers and nobody is realy continue working at site. When ever you cross this many delaying construction areas many workers are sitting only around and no inprovment to see a day when it will be finish. For how many years this company working on the two bridges and intersection witch delays all the traffic around Marina and JBR. I dont believe that this project can completed until november 2014 or it will be in a very bad Quality so that soon repair work on asphalt will start again. Congratulations to Besix good job.

    • admin

      As Serco are the main people running the Dubai Tram I guess you may have to complain to them. Yes the work has taken a long time to complete and it seems like everyone says that it will be up and running in Noveber this year.

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