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Dubai Tram Opening to the Public on 12 November

So the news has been released, as expected, that the public will only be able to travel on the Dubai Tram on 12 November, rather than the opening date of 11 November. This follows exactly what happened with the opening of the Dubai Metro which was only opened to the public on 10 September, a day after it was opened by Sheikh Mohammed on 9/9/09.

One reason for this is likely to be so that final finishing touches to the system can be completed in the maximum time available. The Metro was opened in the evening so that they had the whole of that day available to complete whatever work needed doing. An extra days work on the system can make all the difference!

So will the Dubai Tram only be opened in the evening of 11 November? My guess would be yes, so that they can work on it for the whole day beforehand…

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