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Seamless Integration with Metro Planned

The government and the RTA have announced plans for changes to the public transport system to enable seamless integration for disabled passengers on all of Dubai Public transport services.

One area that has been highlighted is to make the transition between the Dubai Metro and the Dubai Tram much smoother for disabled passengers in particular.

Currently there are issues when changing from the Metro from the Tram at the stations where the two modes of transport connect.

Although the metro trains and the trams themselves have been designed to cater for disabled passengers with specific bays for wheelchairs, the RTA confirms that more can be done to help.

This plan is part of an overall project to make the whole of the city disabled friendly by 2020.

Many other initiatives will be put in place to integrate everyone into Dubai society including projects for healthcare, education and employment.

Some of the initiatives will be in place as soon as 2017 but there will be a rolling timetable of changes introduced up until 2020 to complete the plan.

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