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Dubai Tram FAQs – Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Dubai Tram system:

What Hours Does The Tram Run For?
The tram runs from 6.00am until 1.00am Monday to Saturday and 9am until 1.00am on Sundays (effective 3rd January 2022).

How long does a trip take?
It takes around 40 minutes from one end to the other (i.e. from Dubai Marina to Al Sufouh).

Do I have to tap out when changing for the metro?

Yes you must tap out when leaving the tram and going to the metro otherwise you will not be able to get through the ticket barriers at the metro station. You will not be charged for a separate journey as long as you change within the 30 minutes limit.

Where can I buy tickets for the tram?

There are ticket machines in the tram stations if you do not already have a Nol card. You can buy Nol cards and top ups so that you are able to travel. Payment is by card or cash but the machines do not give change for cash.

How Many Passengers Does Each Tram Carry?
Each tram can carry 405 passengers and there are spaces for luggage and wheelchairs.

What is the Cost for Children?
Children under 5 travel for free. Children over 5 will need their own Nol card. Students can get a 50% discount if they apply for a Blue Nol Card.

How Can I Get a Job on the Dubai Tram?

You will need to contact the RTA in order to apply for a job on Dubai Tram.  I will no longer be replying to posts requesting a job!

How Much Distance Does Dubai Tram Cover?
It covers 10.6km for the first stage.

How Frequent Are the Trams?
The trams run approximately every 8 minutes. You can see when the next tram is due by checking in monitors in the tram stations.

Which Other Public Transport Does the Tram Link With?
The Tram links up with the Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail – see the Map for more information.

How Much Do the Tickets Cost for Dubai Tram?
The cost of Dubai Tram tickets is based on the same structure as for Dubai Metro, i.e. it uses the system of Zones. As the initial phase of Dubai Tram is only in one zone the tickets cost only a few dirhams (exact amounts depend on how far you travel, which class and what kind of Nol card you have) see the page on tickets for more info.

Is there wheelchair access to the Tram?
Yes the tram is wheelchair accessible and there is a special carriage that has specific space for a wheelchair with a built in seat belt. There are lifts at every entrance and exit.

Dubai Tram Wheelchair Space
Dubai Tram Wheelchair Space



  • Peter Vandelft

    My wife and I are travelling to Dubai in a couple of weeks and staying in the JBR area. If we want to purchase tram tickets is there assistance at the team station to help us?

  • Nishintha s

    In reside in JBR , so incase if I have to travel from JBR to knowledge village , then i have to take a tram to dubai marina fist and then from there i have to change to tram which goes to Al Soufah , my doubt here is should i tap out the card while I interchange in dubai marina ? Or is it enough for me to tap in JBR 1 and Tap out at knowledge village ?

  • Ashis Mitra

    1) If anyone is an infrequent/irregular commuter, i.e. he/she seldom travels on a tram, then how could he/she buy a single journey ticket?
    2) Is there any all-day ticket in the tram for unlimited journeys within a day?
    3) Is there a monthly ticket in the tram for unlimited journeys within a month?
    4) How can anyone buy an all day and/or monthly ticket –from main depot/headquarter of the Tram Company? Or from ticket machines by themselves?
    6) Is there a tram conductor inside the tram for ticketing?

    • admin

      Hi Ashis, you can find most to the answers here as they relate to the Metro as well (Nol cards are valid on both as well as buses). There are sometimes conductors but they are not for ticketing, you need to get tickets at the machines or the counters at the Metro/Tram stations or the customer service centers.

  • Naiesh Mathura

    Good Day. I will be travelling to Dubai in 2 weeks with my family.I would like to find out which ticket to purchase and the cost to use the Trams. I am from South Africa

  • Narendra Nath

    I am travelling from Dubai Airport to JBR by Dubai Metro and Tram. Can the luggage carried from Airport in Dubai Metro be taken in Tram also ?

      • Catherine

        Hey! I am currently doing research on the Dubai Tram and was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions and if you could respond on my private email:

        – When do you have most people using the tram? When do you have the least people using it?
        – When is it actually at its worst (when is there the least people)?
        – Which stations have the least people passing through?

        I would highly appreciate it.



  • mark murungu

    I am appalled. I took the tram from Knowledge Village to JLT. I am visitor Professor. My God Card was snatched away from me by an officious Indian man and he asked me to pay him AED200 dirhams as the card had not registered on the machine at the tram stop. What type of treatment is this for those how make a mistake? It is a very bad example of how to treat an older teacher visiting your country.

  • Ruxandra

    Hi, I lost a bag in the Damac station today, right before getting into the station, left it without realising. Who can I contact in this case? Thank you.

  • Sandra

    Hi! Can you please advise the timing for the tram on the 31st December 2015 and 1st January 2016?
    As most parties will close by 2-3am on 1st January it would be great if the tram would operate additional hours.
    Thanks and best regards.

    • admin

      Hi, I have not yet seen any notification that the Tram will stay open any longer for New Year’s Eve 2015 as the RTA are focusing more on the area around the Burj Khalifa and increasing the public transport options around there. If anything changes I will post on here.

    • admin

      OK I have good news, the tram will operate around the clock over New Years Eve until the end of service on 1st Jan. More info in the news section.

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